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Medical Grade Isolation Transformer

The medical grade isolation transformer is used in the power supply systems of medical equipment like X-ray machines and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) equipment. These isolating transformers have good insulation, little magnetic flux leakage and a small size. Available in A, B, F or H insulation classes, the isolation transformers meet UL/CE safety standards. Some of our medical transformers come with cabinets and built-in safety functions, such as a short circuit protector and fuse. The volume of the X-ray machine transformer is 200VA-200KVA.

  • Volume: 242.5VA
    Input: AC 1Φ 100V
    Output: AC 1Φ12V/13V/1OA 16V/18V/6.25A
  • Volume: 58.4KVA
    Input: AC 3Φ 200V
    Output: AC 3Φ 200V
  • Volume: 1.524K VA
    Input: AC 1Φ120V/11OV/1OOV*2
    Output: AC 1Φ100V/15A; 24V/1A
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