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    1. Microwave Oven TransformerWith high heat resistance class, high dielectric intensity and high transmission efficiency, our voltage transformers can cover all the major markets around the world.
    1. Line Reactor (for Air Conditioning)

      Line reactor for air conditioners is widely used for power-factor correction of passive or partial PFC schemes and is suitable for schemes with a frequency lower than 20KHz.

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    1. Line Reactor (for Washing Machine)

      Widely used in frequency conversion washing machines, the home appliance reactor effectively prevents damage from the impulse current to subsequent electronics.

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    1. Power Transformer (for UPS)UPS power transformer series, or power transformers for uninterruptible power supply, in both EI low frequency transformer models and high frequency magnetic core transformer models.
    1. PFC Inductor (for Air Conditioner)Mainly used in PFC systems with simplex or multiplex CCM models, this amorphous core inductor is suitable for the frequency range of 20-100KHz and curbs ripple currents to improve the power factor.
    1. EMI FilterThe filtering band of this EMI filter is 150k~30MHz and it’s usually used on the input side of household appliance power supplies.
    1. PFC Inductor (with Powder Core)This series of PFC inductors is a powder core inductor, or ferromagnetic core inductor, which features broad applicability, low noise and low loss. Customers can choose from many options for the EMI material, and the design of the PFC inductor
    1. Control Transformer (for Elevator Control)

      With little magnetic flux leakage, a small size and low temperature rises, our elevator transformer is compliant with UL/CE safety standards. The volume of the voltage transformer is 200VA-150KVA and comes with class B, F or H insulation.

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    1. Isolation Transformer (Medical Grade)

      Medical grade isolation transformer is used in the power supply systems of medical equipment like X-ray machines and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) equipment.

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    1. DC Motor (for Range Hood)Among our quality home appliance components is our brushless DC motor for range hood. The permanent magnet motor is a reliable range hood motor for use on the side range hood.
    1. AC Motor (for Range Hood)The AC motor for range hoods is a single-phase asynchronous motor that is ROHS compliant and highly efficient.
    1. DC Motor (for Vacuum Cleaner)The brushless DC motor is specially designed for use as a reliable vacuum cleaner motor. The appliance motor has a maximum speed of 1,000 r/min.
    1. DC Motor Controller (for Vacuum Cleaner Motor)In addition to home appliance components such as brushless permanent magnet motors, single-phase asynchronous motors and AC motors for range hoods and vacuum cleaner, we make brushless DC motor controllers intended for vacuum cleaner motor.
    1. Steam Generator System (for Kitchen Appliances)Yunlu's steam generator system for kitchen appliances are made of food-grade materials and are ROHS compliant. Used in everything from microwave ovens to coffeemakers, our steam auxiliary components will increase your product’s service life.
    1. Steam Generator System (for Environment Appliances)Our steam generator system for environment appliances is used for range hoods, mops, and air conditioners. Compliant with ROHS, the steam generating unit is easy to install.
    1. Water Softening Device (for Home Appliances)Our popular water softening devices for home appliances can be used in microwave ovens, coffeemakers, and air conditioners to remove the hardness of the water.
    1. UV Sterilizer (for Home Appliances)Our steam generator systems, water softening devices, and other home appliance components, we make UV sterilizers which clean the water. TheLED sterilizer is made of food-grade material and is easy to install.
    1. Filter Reactor (for Wind Turbine Converter)

      Of the many new energy reactors we make, our filter reactor for wind power converters is specially developed to curb the harmonics and regulate the power of wind turbines.

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    1. Transformer (for Offshore Application)By using carbon steel and other anti-corrosion coatings, our offshore transformers can adapt to marine environments with high temperatures and humidity and meet the requirements of our clients.
    1. Transformer and Reactor (for Plateau Wind Power Plant)Manufactured in compliance with GB6450-86 standards, Yunlu’s transformers and reactors work well in high attitude areas with thin air, and so are often used by wind power plants on plateaus.
    1. Control Transformer (for Wind Turbine Converter)

      Control transformer is specially designed for wind turbine converters. It comes with air cooling and self-cooling mechanisms, class H insulation and a volume of 600VA-1600KVA.

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    1. Transformer and Reactor (for Plateau Photovoltaic Power Plant)Our transformers and reactors for plateau photovoltaic power plants are manufactured in compliance with GB6450-86 standards, using high dielectric strength material and improved production processes.
    1. Transformer (with Dual Core)The transformer with dual core is a combined transformer, using both a voltage transformer and filter reactor. Ourdual core transformer has the advantages of having a small volume, good filtration, and high efficiency.
    1. Reactor (for Solar Inverter)This reactor is specially designed for solar inverters to smith and filter waves, to reduce transient voltage du/dt and to protect the power switching device inside of the inverter.
    1. Inductor (for PV Inverter)The inductor for PV inverters is a powder core inductor, which uses a metallic magnetic powder core instead of amorphous bands and silicon steel sheets to have high frequency and efficiency.
    1. Ultra-High Voltage Anode Saturable Reactor, Water-cooledETT-5000A water-cooled anode saturable reactor is used for ultra-high voltage direct current (UHVDC) ±800 ±1100KV converter valve di/dt control. It is a type of ultra high voltage reactor.
    1. Amorphous AlloyAmorphous alloy, also known as metallic glass, has the characteristics of glass, metal and liquid and is one of the strongest and softest metallic materials, the strongest armor material, the easiest for metal molding, the most corrosion resistant, and the best micro, nano-processing material.
    1. Fe-based AmorphousCompared with traditional metal magnetic materials, amorphous alloy is high in magnetoconductivity (10 times more than that of ferrite) and low in loss (1/5~1/10 that of silicon steel and 1/2~1/5 ferrite) due to the disordered arrangement of its atoms.
    1. NanocrystallineAs an effective alternative to silicon steel, ferrite and permalloy, the switching power of the transformer with a nanocrystalline core can be 500kW, and the size is 50% smaller than that of ferrite transformers.
    1. Amorphous CoresCompared with other soft magnetic materials, our amorphous magnetic powder core is inexpensive to produce while still retaining excellent direct current resistance and low power loss. This electronic material is designed to promote the high accuracy