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Amorphous nanocrystalline is a recently developed soft magnetic material that is ideal for high-frequency transformers and mutual inductors in household, military and industrial usage. As an effective alternative to silicon steel, ferrite and permalloy, the switching power of the transformer with a nanocrystalline core can be 500kW, and the size is 50% smaller than that of ferrite transformers.

The Performance Feature of Amorphous Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Materials
Compared with traditional metal magnetic materials, a nanocrystalline soft magnetic material is high in saturation magnetic induction intensity and permeability (ten times more than that of ferrite), low in loss (1/3-1/5 that of silicon steel), low in magnetizing current and stable in temperature. It improves the efficiency of the transformer, and keeps the transformer’s size, weight and energy consumption low.

We now produce Fe-based amorphous ribbons of different specifications—1k107 and 1k107D— and in different sizes, 5-45mm. We are further exploring the preparation of cobalt based nanocrystalline and nickel based nanocrystalline transformers, which can be used in library security labels and brazing and soldering materials, respectively.

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