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Amorphous Alloy

Amorphous alloy, also known as metallic glass, has the characteristics of glass, metal and liquid and is one of the strongest and softest metallic materials, the strongest armor material, the easiest for metal molding, the most corrosion resistant, and the best micro, nano-processing material. Amorphous metal alloy also has a wide modulation range, with a super cooled liquid region and memory, a soft magnetic and large magnetic entropy, and cold storage effects.

Applications of Amorphous Alloy
The amorphous metallic material is made from nonmetallic, transition-metal, or metal-based materials. Amorphous alloys are currently used in electronic components, such as advanced audio heads, high-frequency power transformers, chokes, and magnetic amplifiers. Due to its strength and hardness, it is also used in the fields of aerospace, military weapons, precision machinery and the automotive industry, the chemical industry and medical and sports equipment.

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