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Inductive Components (for Electromagnetic Products)

    1. Microwave Oven TransformerWith high heat resistance class, high dielectric intensity and high transmission efficiency, our voltage transformers can cover all the major markets around the world.
    1. Power Transformer (for UPS)UPS power transformer series, or power transformers for uninterruptible power supply, in both EI low frequency transformer models and high frequency magnetic core transformer models.
    1. PFC Inductor (for Air Conditioner)Mainly used in PFC systems with simplex or multiplex CCM models, this amorphous core inductor is suitable for the frequency range of 20-100KHz and curbs ripple currents to improve the power factor.
    1. EMI FilterThe filtering band of this EMI filter is 150k~30MHz and it’s usually used on the input side of household appliance power supplies.
    1. PFC Inductor (with Powder Core)This series of PFC inductors is a powder core inductor, or ferromagnetic core inductor, which features broad applicability, low noise and low loss. Customers can choose from many options for the EMI material, and the design of the PFC inductor
    1. Control Transformer (for Elevator Control)

      With little magnetic flux leakage, a small size and low temperature rises, our elevator transformer is compliant with UL/CE safety standards. The volume of the voltage transformer is 200VA-150KVA and comes with class B, F or H insulation.

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Founded in 1996, Yunlu specializes in electromagnetic inductive components. As the first professional manufacturer of microwave oven transformers and frequency conversion air conditioner reactors in China, we have time-proven R&D, manufacturing, and value-added services for the new energy industry. We provide electromagnetic devices to buyers based in Asia, Europe and North America. Our major domestic customers are Midea, Haier, and Gree, while our international customers include Panasonic, LG, Daewoo, Samsung, and APC.

With strong technology and production capabilities for inductive components, our production capacity and market share of microwave oven transformers rank among the top 3 in the world and our frequency conversion air conditioner reactors have ranked first in the domestic market for twelve successive years. Other products include UPS power transformers, high-frequency PFC inductors, EMI filters, powder core inductors, and medical grade isolation transformers.

Thanks to our technical team of over 100 researchers who focus on inductive components and our 300 detection and measuring instruments, advanced automatic flexible assembly line, and ultrasonic welding equipment, you can be sure our inductive components have high precision and competitive quality at home and abroad.