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Open Frame Control Transformer for Elevator Control

Made from high quality insulating material and silicon steel sheets, the open frame control transformer is used in the control system for common elevators and high speed elevators. With little magnetic flux leakage, a small size and low temperature rises, our elevator transformer is compliant with UL/CE safety standards. We select advanced connecting terminals that when connected to the open frame control transformer keep the size of the product compact. The volume of the voltage transformer is 200VA-150KVA and comes with class B, F or H insulation.

Besides being used as elevator control transformers, they are also used as microwave oven transformers, UPS power transformers and medical grade isolation transformers.

  • For control of common elevator

Volume: 900VAAC

Input: 3Φ 415/400/380V

Output: AC 3Φ 200V/380VA AC 3Φ 36V-10VA AC 3Φ 18.9V-270VA AC 1Φ 82/55V-240VA

  • For control of common elevator

Volume: 30kAVA

Input: AC3Φ 400V

Output: AC3Φ 400V

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