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PFC Inductor with Powder Core - Power Factor Correction

This series of PFC inductors is a powder core inductor, or ferromagnetic core inductor, which features broad applicability, low noise and low loss. Customers can choose from many options for the EMI material, and the design of the PFC inductor is flexible according to different applications. It can be used for:

a. a variety of PFC circuits with a frequency range 1 KHZ~90KHZ;
b. DC/DC circuits, such as boost, buck, and cuk, with a switching frequency below 90KHZ;
c. inverter circuits in a variety of power supplies.

Technical Parameters
Input current: 0~100A
Rated inductance: 0~5mH
Insulation class: class B, class F
Core material: High flux, MPP, sendust, Fe-Ni, ferrosilicon, amorphous powder

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