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Line Reactor (Harmonic Filter Reactor for Washing Machine)

Our line reactors and harmonic filter reactors for washing machines have a standardized design but can also be custom made according to your requirements. As a washing machine reactor, it curbs harmonics and improves the power factor. Widely used in frequency conversion washing machines, the home appliance reactor effectively prevents damage from the impulse current to subsequent electronics.

Our line reactor has the following features:
1. Standardized design and materials that promote product performance and reduce cost.
2. Low noise, small size.
3. RoHS compliant.
4. Optional copper wire or aluminum wire design.

Technical Parameters of the Line Reactor
1. Input current: 2~15A
2. Rated inductance: 0.5~30mH
3. Withstanding voltage: between winding and iron core, AC1.5KV/50Hz , 1 min. leakage current < 1 mA
4. Insulation resistance: between winding and iron core >100MΩ(DC500V)
5. Insulation class: class F, class H, and class R
6. Technical standard: UL1446

Name Product width A Product thickness B Rated current Rated inductance Operating frequency Insulation class Note
Washing Machine Reactor 28 - 66 14 - 50 2A - 15A 0.5mH - 30mH 50/60HZ B, F, H The line reactor can be designed according to customer requirements
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