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Microwave Oven Transformer

We are a professional inductive component manufacturer in China, providing you with stable and durable microwave oven transformers at fair price. With high heat resistance class, high dielectric intensity and high transmission efficiency, our voltage transformers can cover all the major markets around the world.

Specifications of the Microwave Oven Transformer
Series Input Voltage Power range Frequency Insulation class range Iron core size range
Home-made series 220V 600 - 1000VA 50Hz HRS 76.2 - 133.2
Korean series 220V 600 - 1000VA 60 Hz HRS 76.2 - 133.2
Taiwan series 110V 600 - 1000VA 60 Hz HRS 76.2 - 133.2
American series 120/127V 600 - 1200VA 60 Hz HRS 76.2 - 133.2
European series 230/240V 600 - 1100VA 50 Hz HRS 76.2 - 133.2
Japan series 100V 500 - 900VA 50/60Hz HRS 76.2 - 133.2

Serviceability: We have offices in Guangzhou, Tianjin, South Korea, the United States and Japan, so we can provide around-clock service globally

R & D capability: We have strong development ability, and we are capable of independent development and prospective study to provide a full range of product development services to our clients.

Market share: Since 2008, our market share of microwave oven transformer has always been in the top three.

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