Qingdao Yunlu Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

97#, Yanyang Rd, Chengyang District, Qingdao, China.

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  • R & D Capability

  • The AVIC (Qingdao) Amorphous Technology Research Institute is our main R&D center, but we also conduct research at the Amorphous Metallurgical Design Institute, the Amorphous Material Laboratory, the Lancun Electromagnetic Device R&D Department, the Chengyang branch of the New Energy Electromagnetic Device R&D Department, and the Zhuhai branch of the Electromagnetic Device R&D Department.

    As a manufacturer specializing in electromagnetic components, motors, new energy products and amorphous materials, our company uses advanced technology and equipment, a scientific management system, and frequent quality inspections to detect and remove faulty products. With a range of specifications to meet the needs for a number of industries, our new products have great development potential and market adaptability. We use comprehensive testing equipment, including a harmonic wave analyzer, spectrum analyzer, noise tester, laboratory electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) shielded room, heated laboratory, and ROSE detector.

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