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R & D Capability

The AVIC (Qingdao) Amorphous Technology Research Institute is our main R&D center, but we also conduct research at the Amorphous Metallurgical Design Institute, the Amorphous Material Laboratory, the Lancun Electromagnetic Device R&D Department, the Chengyang branch of the New Energy Electromagnetic Device R&D Department, and the Zhuhai branch of the Electromagnetic Device R&D Department.

As a manufacturer specializing in electromagnetic components, motors, new energy products and amorphous materials, our company uses advanced technology and equipment, a scientific management system, and frequent quality inspections to detect and remove faulty products. With a range of specifications to meet the needs for a number of industries, our new products have great development potential and market adaptability. We use comprehensive testing equipment, including a harmonic wave analyzer, spectrum analyzer, noise tester, laboratory electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) shielded room, heated laboratory, and ROSE detector.

1. We find the best designs for our new products by using Ansys, Ansoft, and Matlab software.
2. Then we develop and utilize efficient, reliable, and energy-saving new materials.

1. Research on key technology
2. Quantitative analysis of noise
3. Aluminum welding for welding technology reliability

  • Silence and noise test system
  • Partial discharge system
  • 300kV pulse generator
  • Flame resistance test system
  • Harmonic power source
  • Oscilloscope
  • EMI shielded room
  • RBI temperature recorder
  • Three-phase power analyzer
  • DC bias
  • Harmonic tester
  • Pressure tester

  • Thermal imagers