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Inductive Components (for Renewable Energy Products)

    1. Transformer (for Offshore Application)By using carbon steel and other anti-corrosion coatings, our offshore transformers can adapt to marine environments with high temperatures and humidity and meet the requirements of our clients.
    1. Transformer (with Dual Core)The transformer with dual core is a combined transformer, using both a voltage transformer and filter reactor. Ourdual core transformer has the advantages of having a small volume, good filtration, and high efficiency.
    1. Reactor (for Solar Inverter)This reactor is specially designed for solar inverters to smith and filter waves, to reduce transient voltage du/dt and to protect the power switching device inside of the inverter.
    1. Inductor (for PV Inverter)The inductor for PV inverters is a powder core inductor, which uses a metallic magnetic powder core instead of amorphous bands and silicon steel sheets to have high frequency and efficiency.

With our great electromagnetic component research center and professional production team, Yunlu can provide the wind power and photovoltaic industries with of inductive components such as filter reactors, anti-corrosion transformers, highland transformers, plateau reactors, dual core transformers, and photovoltaic inverter inductors. To learn more about our inductive components for renewable energy products, please browse our catalog or contact us.